Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not

Masonic Brotherhood

of the

Blue Forget-Me-Not

Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not


The Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not (MBBFMN) was founded to recognize those Freemasons who have worked primarily in the field of Masonic education. This includes writing and the many other facets that bring light to those who might otherwise be left in darkness. Those few selected are teachers who have helped members of the Craft become dedicated Master Masons. Only recipients who are deemed worthy leaders in this field by the membership commission of the Brotherhood are selected for this Award. It cannot be solicited, nor can it be purchased.

The blue forget-me-not has been chosen as a symbol of Masonic dedication, courage and fidelity. This symbol was born in the face of Nazi persecution of Freemasonry under the Hitler regime. Although the dictator ordered thousands of Freemasons murdered, tortured and incarcerated, those who would not renounce the Craft and its teachings continued to practice Freemasonry in secret. So they might know one another, a little flower was selected as their emblem. Against overwhelming odds these men, a scant handful, kept the light of Freemasonry burning throughout Nazi darkness. We are proud to perpetuate a remembrance of this unselfish dedication.

This is not a degree; it is not a political award; there will never be a plea for a greater membership. There are no dues and fees to be paid by anyone. It is in every sense an award for service to Freemasonry and thus to our fellow man. Because of its non-political objective, and because its only members are workers in and for the Craft, many consider it the greatest honor one can receive in Freemasonry.